Why I Cut My Hair

Imagine you’re waking up in the morning, you look in the mirror and you are bald. Not a single hair on your head. ‘Nightmare’ – in one word you’ll call it. Now imagine the same story everyday. You’ll go to school, college, at work, at supermarket, movie theatre, everywhere just like that.

When I was a kid I didn’t have long hair. My parents used to get me and my brother the same haircut, and we gave it a name – the ‘bowl cut’. Many of my friends used to have long hair and all of my 6 year old version wanted was that flowing ‘cascade of chocolate‘, those long locks. When I so called grew up and was able to take care of my body hygiene, I started growing my hair that the most of you have seen.

There’s this small girl suffering from a disease which I can’t pronounce or spell. In a general idea we call it cancer. Not all types of cancers can be cured by surgeries. And the battling fighters have to go through a lot of chemotherapies, radiation therapies and not what. All this treatment caused the absolute loss of hair of my little Rapunzel. She don’t wanna meet anyone now, she don’t wanna go school like that anymore, she don’t like to play with other kids in the park. She’s afraid of what they might think or say. When she looks in the mirror, she don’t want the image to call her own. She miss her hair.

There are a lot of organisations that believe they can put a smile on the faces of the kids who has the same story. They make wigs out of natural hair which can be wore on the sensitive heads. All they need is ‘Hair‘.

I cut mine and gave to them. In the simplest way if I can answer. My mother was surprised and all she could get out of her mouth was “how could you?“. Yes, I loved my hair, but I know I’ll love that smile a thousand times more than them. The smile when my Rapunzel will first time take that wig in her hands which my hair will be stitched into, when she’ll wear it on her head like the crown for the princess she is, when she’ll look in the mirror and say I’m the prettiest. I know I’ll love it more.

Mine will be grown in the time I won’t even realise. But for her it matters. Let me ask you, wouldn’t it matter for you if you’re suffering with the same in the same age? I would have died out of insecurity if not of cancer.

We live in our worlds and don’t try to look at others and what hell people go through. But somewhere in our hearts still lives ‘compassion‘. A little bit from all can make a paradise on earth that it was. It’s not always money that can help, it’s actually the love, the care, the selfless deeds that helps. Try to spread a little bit of heaven everywhere.

*(If anyone wants to help, you can just Google it and you’ll find a thousand of organisations who works for the same. You can contact me by any medium and I can provide you the details as well.)

I made this little video for everyone who needs a little more motivation.


Mountains to Move

I strongly believe that learning never ends. You may have got a degree or two, you may have a job but still you’ll face exams every day of your life and to pass it you have to run your mind through everything you’ve learnt from the day you were born.
Sometimes you do question about the importance of one of the nursery rhymes you learned or some theory of the subject you didn’t opted for majors. Like “does it make any difference if I didn’t learn it at that time?” Well, I really don’t know about that. But I know one thing right, that all those years of learning brought you to this stage where you’re questioning and not explaining. At least it developed a sense of reasoning. And ‘questioning’ is the first step in the journey of finding solutions to even the world problems.
I have a habit of observing people and more specifically kids. I see ‘life‘ in a 2 year old trying to get out of his bed that is quite high to jump from. Sliding might help, but slipping through wooden block would hurt like fire that’s what mumma told. But he has to move out anyway because the cake is right there on the kitchen table. So he has to find some way. And ta-daa ‘pillows’. I little cushiony landing will save the day.

As we grow up, we have to take a lot of so called ‘life decisions’. Decisions that would not actually ‘change our lives‘ but would give a desired environment. It was easy for us being a toddler to risk our lives for a piece of cake. But so much harder to get out of the imaginary shell we’ve created around ourselves even for the things we claim to love.
Things have never been so easy to start and things will never be so hard to stop. Ask yourself, the reasons that are stopping you to live your desired life, are ‘they’ really stopping you? Not only the perspective is wrong but also the approach is wrong till you find yourself bounded. You can always find yourself at a better condition than someone else, but you always choose to see yourself at a worse condition than someone else.
Have compassion for yourself, not sympathy. No knight in shining armour would come to save you. Take your own white horse and ride. The truth is – Mountains don’t move, you have to climb over them to see the other side.

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Dream or Dreaming ?

Every person walking on this earth has a dream. Not talking about the dream of a peaceful green world, let’s save that for another time and get things raw. The moment one realises that life is more than to take a lunch box to school and copying homework, one is meant to knit a dream. It may start with a dream to do something that will end the cycle of completing assignments and taking exams every quarter. It may evolve into doing something to have things that a certain famous tycoon has.

If you move out in your own little street and ask 10 people if they have a dream, 9 ½ will say yes. 9½…? How? Because there’s always that one person who says no, but actually has one. Actually he is more in trouble because he either doesn’t know what he even feels about his life or is too insecure to share and getting judged. You may say I won’t judge and you certainly won’t, but still he’ll think you will because he over judge himself.

The rest of 9 people are the ones who thinks they have a clear mind. You ask any teenager what your dream is and you’ll end up listening how passionate they’re about being famous and not about the actual acting or sport or way to earn a living.

Your dream is not to be an actor if you look in the mirror and think I look beautiful and not about the expressions you’ll make if you’re given a certain situation and character.

Your dream is not to be a singer if you think what you’ll wear on red carpet while winning a Grammy and not actually sing till your throat gets sore.

Your dream is not to be a successful businessman if you think about the furnished luxurious office you’ll have rather than knowing what the stock market is up to.

You can not become a doctor by wearing a white coat or an engineer without opening and trying to fix a video game at home. Bitter but truth.

But it’s not you to be blamed. Fantasies work this way only. “So what now? I don’t even have a dream?” Of course you have, but haven’t realised the real face of it. Every coin has too sides – the one you wish for and the one which comes after a flip in the air. The day you’ll be ready to take both the sides, you’ll have a dream.

A ‘dream‘ is not the one you can see, it’s the one you can feel. Because seeing things is never good. And you’re more likely to end up in a hedge maze. ‘Passion‘ comes with the responsibility of ‘dedication‘. You don’t have to say out loud that “I will work hard”. ‘Dream‘ doesn’t even ask you to work hard. ‘Dream‘ asks you to just ‘work‘.

Don’t love what you call ‘dream‘. ‘Dream‘ what you actually love.

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‘Proud’ Is Just Another Word

I wanna be a fighter like Lakshmi Bai..
Whatever life throws, I’m gonna see eye to eye..

I wanna be as strong like Indira..
Iron lady of this whole new era..

I wanna write like Arundhati..
Pour my soul out in divine ecstasy..

I wanna play like Saniya..
With my racket of dedication, I’m gonna break all walls..

I wanna sing like Mangeshkar..
With my melody I’ll heal the last broken heart..

I want to have a touch like Teresa..
What a mother?! With heart full of compassion..

I wanna be a warrior like Aruna..
It takes courage to fight for others..

I wanna fly like Kalpana..
Touch this sky and rise even beyond..

I wanna fight like Marykom..
Knock out every evil norm..

I wanna climb like Bachendri Pal..
Even the loftiest Everest in raging storm..

I wanna be as strong as Priyanka Chopra..
Show the world we’re beautiful, but what raw fire we’re made of..

I wanna be fearless like Kiran..
Blood in these veins don’t care about danger..

I wanna be as proud as Vidya..
I am who I am, this body is made to be loved by me, not be ashamed..

I wanna be a poetess like Naidu..
Awake the world and cut out system’s odds..

But first of all, I wanna be that daughter…
A father can take as a shoulder..

I wanna be that sister..
Who can teach a boy how to respect every woman..

I wanna be that partner..
In need who can give a hand of support..

I wanna be that mother..
Who taught me the grace, the elegance but also made me strong..

I wanna be that girl..
Who was meant to be killed in the womb..

I wanna be that lady..
For whom now.. ‘Proud’ is just another word..

– Shruti Sharma

If you’re missing me…

My lovely DREAMERS you must be missing me and waiting for me to post more articles. I’m extremely sorry for this irregularity. I’ll be posting soon. I’m just figuring out some missing pieces in life right now.

Thank you so much for your support through all the tough times. I receive your messages asking if I’m alright. Even if I have a bad day, your little concern makes it brighter than the sun at the very moment.

I promise to come back soon.

All the love.

– Shruti

It’s Gonna Be Alright

* It’s been a month that I started this blog. It was hard to start, to break out of shell but after a long time of introspection and soul finding, I just took a deep breath and simply did it.

The response I got was incredible. I never thought this in a million years that one day any ‘one’ would wait for my next article. The support and love I got, I can’t describe in words, such a shame I call myself a writer.

Some sweet lovers of my work also asked me to give a name to my fans. Which sounds so strange and overwhelming that I’ve got fans now. But I won’t call any of my readers as fans, because you all are my love. I want to give you all a name which will encourage me and everyone else and will remind me from where it all get started. From now onwards I have a family of ‘DREAMERS’.

So, my lovely ‘DREAMERS‘ this is just a token of love from me for the wonderful support I got in the very first month of blogging. Happy ‘DREAMERS’ day.

It’s Gonna Be Alright

It takes courage in guts to take the first step..
But you’re the only one from whom you can seek help..
You have to loose your breath and face the world..
But before that you have to stand in front of mirror and face yourself..
Things always gonna be uptight..
But the voice of my heart said..
It’s gonna be alright..
Everything’s gonna be alright..

There have been people sitting up as kings..
Everyone starts owning nothing..
I’ve learnt it after so long..
It’s actually calm in the eye of the storm..
The wall is what you have to fight..
But the voice of my heart said..
It’s gonna be alright..
Everything’s gonna be alright..

It’s better to make few wrong decisions..
Then to stay forever in confusions..
Die proudly while losing the war..
Instead of running and hiding in the jungle..
I want people at my grave say, “at least she tried”
Lying beneath my heart would say..
Dear it’s alright..
Everything’s alright..

– Shruti Sharma

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

We all say that every human being is different. With different choices, different talents, different feelings, different points of views. Even the identical twins have different behavioural traits. Two children from same parents don’t like the same food, clothing or music.
We all say that every human being is different..we say…we ‘just‘ say. We say a lot of things and somehow pretend to believe them too but we actually don’t.
Difference‘ gives birth to ‘comparison‘. And comparison is as complicated as simple it seems.

Do you remember the school test with questions like ‘differentiate between…’ Or ‘compare the two..’ ? I don’t know about you but I used to attempt them even if I knew 3-4 actual differences and then use to write the differences i just created while staring at other students taking their tests. I used to race my head to ‘find‘ the ‘differences‘.
It seems such a simple and immature example and you must be wondering till now..”why I’m even reading this article?” I’m sorry I made you feel this way but what I want to say is not as simple as this and I hope not immature too. We learn things in life without realising while we learn, both good and bad. While introspecting myself today I found myself too mean to desperately ‘making up’ those so called ‘differences‘.

Just like that we ‘make up’ differences between people. We compare two individuals on the ground that we create.
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Said the great Albert Einstein.

If two people are not same than what’s the point of comparing them? If two fruits from the same tree don’t taste same then how can two people approach a situation in the same manner?

Comparison needs some ground to be based upon. But who are we to decide those grounds? And even if we’re deciding the grounds then how sure are we that we’re doing a fair job?

While growing up as adults we have inbuilt an ‘ego’. An ‘ego’ that we’re right and we’ve have earned a so called ‘experience’ that give us all power to judge things, people and situations. It’s absolutely true that time gives experience but what we forget is to learn how to use that ‘experience’.

We often compare kids. And that’s the worst you can do if you call yourself an adult. We need to understand this now that kids are ‘growing up’ and aren’t ‘grown ups’. Their condition is not stationary it’s dynamic. They’re going through a whole lot of changes and there are still another whole lot of changes to occur. Judging something in process is what a fool would do. It’s like estimating the weight of a horse while he’s running. You need a standing horse for weighing. And if the horse is running better calculate his speed. But what we do is meaningless and purposeless.

What they feel is another story of emotional and psychological status. Men don’t like to be questioned about their bank balances and women don’t like to be questioned about their ages. Imagine yourself being asked about the same every single day and more than once per day. That’s a sick thought. A child goes through the same kind of feeling when you compare his report card with another kid.

It’s very rare that you would find a child comparing his parents with another but so frequent a parent comparing his children with another. The same act of judgement is ‘shameless’ for a kid but ‘constructive’ (in God knows ways) for an adult.

The worst thing you can do to a person is to compare with others. Everyone has their own flaws, nobody is perfect. That’s what make us humans. Humans are meant to find similarities to connect but we also need diversity to develop. What’s not in me..is in you. What you couldn’t find.. I discovered. And then the Earth moves in equilibrium.

Expecting ‘strange’ and loving it like ‘known’ is what we need to live in peace.

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Life's a journey to learn, to grow and to live…